Our Call and Contact Center Operations

Call Center Expertise
Kingdom Vision runs both inbound and outbound call center operations. An inbound call is one that a customer initiates. At Kingdom Vision we can service your need to receive customer calls or to make (outbound) calls. Depending on your requirement, Kingdom Vision can handle either inbound or outbound calls exclusively or a combination of the two. Kingdom Vision can provide total solution for your sales and service needs. Based on our in-house automatic call distribution technology, we have called routing and resource selection so that call center agents can handle incoming calls more effectively and productively. Kingdom Vision has extensive expertise in inbound, outbound customer service, telemarketing, lead generation, collection calls, sales and customer support calls.

Call Center Infrastructure

Our call centers use the latest state-of-the-art technology including but not limited to multiple dedicated high-speed fiber optics links for voice, hosted VOIP, and Web Based predictive dialers.

Use of predictive dialers has resulted in proven superior performances in telesales, teleprospection, debt collection and telemarketing campaigns. Kingdom Vision has also invested extensively in automatic dialers and has an integrated call recording system, scripting tool system, and native CTI and IVR's. Additionally, all our automatic dialers support video calls.

At Kingdom Vision, our state-of-the-art custom developed automatic dialers manages time zones and quotas. It integrates a "Do not call list" and includes a powerful outbound campaign and call blending management system. In fact, our automatic dialers are so advanced that it detects answering machines and leaves automatic messages on voice mails. All this automation does not mean that there is no human intervention. At Kingdom Vision, we take quality control very seriously and have mandatory realtime supervision of your call files and calls.

It makes economic sense to outsource your marketing campaign to Kingdom Vision

Outsourcing your marketing campaign to Kingdom Vision will not only save you money but provide critical left-brain marketing expertise such as customer database management and analysis. Left-brain marketing expertise was once a creative pursuit but today has become analytical.

Increasingly, print, TV adverts and direct mail are proving to be less effective. Customers have got immune to these traditional approaches and no longer respond in the same numbers as before. Most company marketing managers tend to be right-brain creative experts with a penchant for mass-marketing through old workhorse medias whereas the current requirement is for left-brain number who can zero in on the market using new innovative means, methods and technologies.

Today our computer software can optimize the allocation of the sales representatives time, determining which customers to address and which products or services to promote to that customer to achieve best possible returns. Indeed, Kingdom Vision can bring new capabilities to your marketing effort and be your valuable partners who can create shared value over the long term.

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