From our school days we know that the term "Commerce" refers to an exchange of goods and services for money. E-Commerce is also an exchange of goods and services for money except, the transaction is initiated online. The keyword here is initiated. The transaction may either be completed online on the internet itself or in the real world.

Completing the entire transaction online would mean on the one hand, receiving the payment via electronic means i.e. credit cards, debit cards, echecks, electronic money transfers etc. and on the other hand, also making the delivery online (as in downloadable or digital goods e.g. music files, software, subscriptions, web hosting etc).

More often than not, e-commerce is a mix wherein the customer selects the goods or service and makes the payment online. The goods or services are then physically delivered to the customer's address. To sum it up therefore, any trade or transaction that is initiated online i.e. the internet or cyber world is e-commerce.

E-commerce tools

E-commerce tools include a website and a digital mechanism by which payment can be made and received.

A website in turn can either be a simple one page site selling a single e-book, a simple site selling plumbing or consultancy services or, it can be a complex website selling a large variety of goods and services.

Irrespective of its simplicity or complexity, an e-commerce website has to have certain enabling elements that make it possible for a prospective customer to select an item or service and pay for it.

Such elements would include:

A complex e-commerce website such as Amazon.com or ebay.com would require all the above and more. A simple one-page e-commerce site selling a single e-book would require just a "buy" button hooked up to a simple payment mechanism such as Paypal.com or Google checkout. An e-commerce website that enables a prospective customer to book (say) a plumber to carry out some repairs at their home needs only a simple menu from which the prospective customer would select the service and enter the street address where the selected service has to be delivered.

The requirements of an e-commerce website therefore, vary with the individual business model.

ABC Pvt. Ltd, first sets up a team to study our client requirement, the business model as well as the competition. Our team then comes up with a detailed plan of action that includes website design, development, hosting, testing, search engine optimization and finally, website marketing.

We have specialized in each and every individual element of a website be it e-commerce, corporate, blogging, news or a social networking site. We have highly skilled and experienced teams specializing in customized web design, content management systems, shopping carts, payment gateways and customer support including online chat support. We have individual teams that specialize in inventory management systems, website development, search engine optimization (SEO), website marketing and website maintenance. Talk to us for all your e-commerce and website related needs. Kingdom Vision would be delighted to help you succeed in your online venture.

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