Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization?
You do a search engine optimization when you want to tweak your website to increase the volume of traffic coming to your website. By "traffic" we refer to prospective customers coming to you via hypertext links in a search engine search result. "Tweaking" a website is doing everything that can be done to make the website "search engine friendly". In turn, a website is said to be search engine friendly when the search engine easily relates the website or links it to organic searches being conducted by your target customers or visitor to your website.

The quality of search engine optimization and the weightage the search engine gives your website vis--vis any organic searches being conducted by your customers or visitors is directly related. In other words, higher the quality of search engine optimization, higher will be the search engine ranking of your website.

The search engine and your website

Whether the website is online superstore or single page personal branding exercise, all websites primarily depend upon the search engines for customers or visitors which is why any website with good search engine ranking fares better in terms of page views, customer visits and ultimately, profits or visibility. Every website owner seeks a high ranking especially in the top three traffic generating search engines i.e., and Unfortunately, most websites either do not figure in the search result pages of any of these top three search engines or are relegated to the nth page and rarely see the light of the day. Quite obviously, in most cases the success of a website is intimately connected to the search engine so let us take a brief moment to see how a search engine functions and why good search engine optimization matters.

A look under the search engine's bonnet

Today, search engines are essentially "crawler" based i.e. each search engine sends out a web crawler - more commonly called the "spider", to search the web for websites. When the spider encounters the website, it reads it starting with the meta-tags i.e. the page title, description, keywords and content. It follows every visible link within the website. Whatever the spider finds will be sent for "indexing". The search engine index is a giant index of everything the spider has encountered on the net. So when you or your customers search for something, it is this index that is referenced by the search engine. The results flow directly from the search engine index. The order of the index is controlled by very sophisticated algorithms. Let's just say these algorithms are customized (and very secret) software. How high your website or webpage is ranked will depend on what the spider encountered and how the algorithms have interpreted the find. Let's consider a simple example on how the search engine, its spider, the algorithm and search engine optimization is all interlinked.

Let us say your website sells Gucci Bags. Your website is full of Gucci bag pictures and individual descriptions and price tags. You have titles such as 'gucci heritage' , 'G night', 'vintage web' and so on. These are titles of the different types of Gucci bags on sale. When the search engine spider visits and ultimately indexes your website, you'd probably find that your website figures in the search engine results on 114th page and as a result, gets next to no customers. You wonder why. The reason is that the keywords were missing.

How search engine optimization and search engine rank are inter-linked

The website in our example missed out on all the essential keywords. The keyword would have included Gucci, ladies handbags, shoulder bags, clutches and so on. Keywords are the words that are used by the surfing public to find content when using a search engine. So a customer searching for ladies handbags or shoulder bags will probably use words such as "ladies handbags" or "Gucci shoulder bags". The question we have to ask: Are those words present on your website? Now, because none of the frequently used keywords were found on the website in the example we've used, the search engine software shunts the website to the 114th page. Good search engine optimization can rectify these and several other common and not so common defects.

Kingdom Vision has a team of highly experienced "street smart" experts who have an in-depth understanding of the inner workings of the search engine. They analyze strengths and weakness of the website and draw up detailed recommendations. So if you have a website that is either "invisible" or underperforming, talk to us today. Kingdom Vision would be delighted to boost your website to page # 1 position in any one or all three of the top three search engines.

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