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The Web and Call Center business is an extremely result oriented industry that requires enormous expertise and experience to succeed. In its success, Kingdom Vision has demonstrated that it has the skills, experience and foresight to run this business successfully. Our fundamentals are strong and form an integral part of our operational model, and more importantly, our corporate culture.

With its focus on achieving high client satisfaction through tough standards and quality control, Kingdom Vision strives to create quantifiable value for its Web and Call Center clients, its investors, its employees and the community.

Since its inception, Kingdom Vision. has nurtured and developed in-house capabilities that enable it to provide 100% customized solutions on time, every time.

Inbound and Outbound Call Center Services:

We service your needs with competency

Web Services

Kingdom Vision covers the entire gamut of web services including all types of website design, coding and implementation of complete or parts of the website such as shopping carts, content management systems, stock management, order processing, implementation of encryption standards, security, anti-data theft and anti-hacking features as well as installation of security certificates, payment gateways and website-to-cellular phone gateways.

Kingdom Vision has recently setup a state-of-the-art online chat support facility and can offer its clients hosted and non-hosted live agent chat support. These chat windows are manned by well trained English speaking staff. Kingdom Vision also conducts re-training to ensure our chat staff is well versed with the client's policies, services and products.

Kingdom Vision also boasts of having some of the most skilled and experienced website marketing experts. So, if you have just launched your website or plan to conduct a major ad blitz or find that your website is not getting the kind of response you had hoped for, talk to us today. If you find it preferable, Kingdom Vision would be delighted to come on board in an advisory role to assist your in-house marketing managers.

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