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Kingdom Vision is one among the top web design and development companies in Los Angeles, California, USA. Our team has been delivering exceptional I.T services since 2007. With the number of successful businesses which it has helped developed their online presence.

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Kingdom Vision guarantees leads generating websites, which give high return on investment in their businesses. Our team is capable of performing best market and industry practices in website development. We develop high-quality, user-friendly websites designs which makes insure seamless solution for your business operation and marketing.

There are number of Web development, website designing and software houses in Los Angeles, California, promising you to build a mobile and SEO friendly website in short delivery time, but there are few which guide you through according to your business needs and requirements which ultimately save your time and budget.

Our vast portfolio reflects number of businesses and industries, we have worked with, which gives us significant edge in our design and development capabilities in web designing, we development and software solutions over our competitors in Los Angeles, California, USA. We use finest techniques and procedures to build a website and web applications according to client’s business needs and requirements.

Increase your business’s online presence to beat your Compatitors in market

Unless your website is notified by your potential client online, your business cannot compete, today the build quality of a website with amazing content allows websites to rank at first top results at Google Search. In Order to achieve this goal, your business need a highly innovative and skilled team to develop your website at premium standard, which is able to make a strong impression to known search engines today.

According to the research of, 87.9% of USA households acquire mobiles and computer devices with 78.8% have access to broadband Internet services, which indicates that a large number of online presences.

When it comes to global numbers, according to, there are more than 4.88 billion people online, which is 62% of the world’s population, and these numbers are growing with about 222 million new users coming online every year.

Going online with your business would be the best strategy to get exposure to hundreds of internet users who are looking for your products or services and may become your potential clients intimately. The number of people online has been increasing rapidly since the internet revolution, most particularly after the COVID-19 pandemic, which exposed the true potential of having your business online.

Today, every business is investing in expansion by increasing online presence. According to the statistics, approximately 1.79 billion customers shopped through online channels last year, where 36% of small, medium and personal businesses are profiting from selling and promoting online. By considering these numbers, businesses and services providers are investing 70% more to increase their digital presence.

Currently, there are only 2.64% businesses in the world that possess websites for their business which indicates huge potential still exists to become the early bird in your relevant industry.

Why building a new and revamping website is Curucial for business?

With rapid progress in information technology and advancement in business models, it has become crucial that every business should have online presence. There is no more online and offline business today which used to be a decade later. Every offline business must have online footprints to get the large number of exposures.

By going online, it has become easy for your potential clients to find you and get maximum information regarding your product and services and communicate, thanks to the mobile internet and easy access to the internet in 21th century.

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We are experienced in developing websites using a range of technologies and open-source frameworks

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Have a look at our most promising clients and partners in Los Angeles, USA, who received our prestigious services in order to be successful in their businesses in diverse industries and business models. Our team has served numerous industries with various natures of businesses. This helped our team to boost technical expertise and brought experience of working on challenging projects with skills development.


Core values that help us evolves and learn.

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Our Expertise & Services

We cover vast areas of web development and design services which include numerous CMS, platforms, frameworks, languages, customizations and more. We work on most advanced features and technologies for front-end and backend developments by using JAVA, CSS3, Ajax, WordPress, Laravel, Shopify, PHP, HTML5 and more. Our team has a strong grip in industries including ecommerce, fitness, health care, dentistry, logistics, technology, food, real estate, fintech, hospitality, construction, cosmetics, beauty, entertainment, media, news, vet, blogs and more. Have a look on detailed overview of our skillsets below:

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WordPress is one of widely used as well as most successful CMSs across the globe, according to the report for 2021, there are more than 37% of websites have been designed and developed on WordPress, which makes 62% market share globally, there are about 455 million websites are powered by WordPress. These numbers are significantly increasing annually.

Kingdom Vision have been designing and developing WordPress websites for its client for more than a decade, with complete customizations, well developed frontend as well as easy to use for both users and clients. WordPress makes is very easy to manage and update website with minimum time spend. Also, there are hundreds of themes, plugins and widgets available which can be customize as per user or business needs.

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Web development Team at Kingdom Vision is highly skilled to work on most known frameworks today with utilizing their advance features and functionalities, which saves time and effort of developing complex web applications and increase their output. Some of the key frameworks we work on include Angular, Laravel, Bootstrap, Python and more.

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Programming Languages

Working with multiple programming languages is our key expertise, which include but not limited to latest versions of PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, JSON, React Native, Sass, Angular and more.

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Competitive Benefits of User-friendly Web Designs

Businesses which offer responsive, mobile friendly website to their customers are more likely to get increased numbers in sales & conversions. Every business in Los Angeles, California, USA wants to be successful and grow online. In Order to help these businesses successful online, Kingdom Vision offering 360 solutions for all their website needs, starting from E-commerce to online portfolio websites, our team understands every nature of business and develop a website accordingly. Which includes reducing operational and maintenance costs, easy access for customers, user friendly designs and highly optimized design structure for search engines. Let’s take a look on how the websites we develop, boost your business online:

  • Boost Rankings On Search Engines

    SEO is one of the key factors to boost your website ranking on search engines rankings, all major search engines prefer high-quality, well-developed website designs to be considered to display a webpage in top SERP rankings or on the first pages. Our team is highly skilled in designing such websites with in-depth technical SEO features which help search engines to find, discover, crawl and understand the content of the website and its niche.

  • Reduce Maintenance & Business Operating Cost

    Reduce the maintenance and operating cost of your online business by going with modern and responsive designs which require one time development efforts for multiple web platforms and screen sizes. It also saves time yet fully optimized for all devices including mobile phones, desktops and tablet PCs etc.

  • Easy Online Access

    Increase your business’s online exposure by investing your valuable money into leads and conversions driven web design and features, which increase business growth opportunities by online exposure and create strong brand impression for your potential customers.

  • Increase Traffic, Sales, Engagement & Conversions

    A strong brand identity makes your brand more trustworthy which ultimately results in more leads or conversions as well as drive more targeted traffic with more time spent on your website, which ultimately increases the chances of conversions.

  • Increase Returning Customers And Retention

    Get best design optimized and fully integrated with tools and features which increase returning customers which ultimately increases customer retention to become repeat customers. This customer behavior ensures more revenue and through upsells.

  • Increase Your Online Market Share

    A stunning web design with advanced navigation features, guarantee your online market share will significantly improve and become word of mouth for your clients.

  • Reduce Business Advertisement Cost

    Since the era of digitalization started, it has become more convenient for businesses to advertise their business on online platforms, which offer quick, easy and targeted online audience reach to expand their operations across the country or worldwide and reduce their advertising efforts against conventional marketing tactics.

  • Quick Customer Services

    Businesses which are available and operating online are more likely to provide better and timely services to their valuable customers, it also helps them in quick promotions, announcement and instant inventory variations. All efforts which used to be done manually before the digital age, are now on automation.

How Well-designed Websites Help Improve User Experience

Whether you own an e-commerce website, a landing page, a news website or a blog, all businesses have different goals to achieve of acquiring a website, which possibly be a lead generation, newsletter subscriptions, selling a product or services online, advertisement, publishing or building a mailing list.

Most businesses today face issues in achieving their business goals online, even if they are getting significant web traffic on their website, visitors do not convert or return after a single visit.

Here comes the key importance of a user experience of your website. Let’s understand what the user experience is first.

What is a User Experience?

User experience is the effort to design a website according to the user needs and requirements, which helps achieve the website or business owner its business goals. The process of improving user experience includes personalization, easy navigations & easy accessibility.

Websites which focus more on easy to navigate, its developers enjoy more profits and market share than their competitors, which is achieved by continuous experiments, research and testing during web design and development.

Let’s understand the key factor involved in improving web designs in 2022.


  • Engaging Content

    Since the beginning of online businesses, content has been the king of any website seeking for leads, conversions, traffic, reach or for SEO in order to be in top 10 results in search engine. In website development, it matters significantly that how you showcase and organize your content on a page, which helps visitors to better understand regarding your product and services offered.

  • Well Showcased Products & Services

    By managing and showcasing your product and services on a webpage in optimized manner during the development of a website ensures that you well concerned regarding your user journey, which helps to create and organize sales funnels and remarketing activities.

  • SEO Friendly web design

    Search engines play significant role for any website which needs online exposure and traffic. Here comes the role of SEO friendly web design which carefully optimized particularly to boost search engine rankings of your website. Its helps search engine to easily crawl and understand your website niche.

  • Quick Support

    In order to gain trust of your audience, support tools play important role to facilitate quick communication between website user and owner, which include chatbots, web forms and contact pages, where user is able to contact you easily in order to get more information regarding your product and services.