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A Dose For The Insights

We’re serious about WordPress.

We’re serious about WordPress.

Hey’ya all….

I am back with something really interesting to share with you all. As I was doing some research, I got to read some of the interesting facts about WordPress which hooked me to it till I did more and more searching. Well yes, I was enjoying the amazing knowledge I was getting.

Then, came the idea to share those fun facts with you all and write a blog.

So here comes my take on “the Fun Facts for WordPress”

1. Most Commonly used and oldest Content Management System:

You read it right. It’s the most popular CMS among all the CMSs. A maximum number of websites at the moment are powered by WordPress. Almost 5% of the entire internet is powered by WordPress. Apart from that; it’s also the oldest one. Its first ever version was released on May 27th, 2003. Even the Facebook and Twitter were launched after WordPress.

2. Top notch brands use WordPress:

I was amazed to read how many big names are using WordPress for different works. I’m just writing the names and you’ll get the shock …
Forbes, The New Yorker, Mashable, The Rolling Stones, Vogue, TED Blog, MTV News, Facebook Newsroom, NASA and many others. And obviously, how can I forget to mention whitehouse.gov, US Air Force, skype and IB among many other very very famous brand names.
This is the power of WordPress. If it can leave an impact on the public through these websites, then why not it will be helpful for others.

3. For freelancers:

All you need is skills for WordPress. There is no restriction is choosing your work. And also you don’t need to be a programmer or developer. You can create a blog through it, freelance your creativity for designing websites, customize themes, programming or become a marketing/SEO consultant or even you can host a website. There are endless opportunities.

4. Blogging??? … Don’t limit the power of WP:

Blogging is one of the many things this platform provides. Also, it was its initial job. But now WordPress is so much more than blogging. WP is now on the back of almost all types of businesses be its online courses, social media website, e-commerce, job portals etc.

5. Easy peasy and free:

Making and maintenance both are easy on WordPress both from clients’ or developers’ side. As it’s the oldest CMS, all the queries, issues or any kind of question is available on its community with all types of solutions. Apart from that, you can also hire the experts if there’s something more complexed and you’re unable to find out the solution.

Also, WordPress is absolutely free FOREVER. You don’t have to buy any licenses. There are hundreds of thousands of plug-ins and themes for websites. All you have to do is just make your website and start using it for free. You can also make any changes at any stage in the site’s code. There is an option for premium themes and plug-ins where you can purchase also but again not necessarily. Good news, you can make your own premium themes and plug-ins and can

6. Plug-ins:

Paid and free both plug-ins are available on the WordPress. There are 40-50 thousand free plug-ins available on WordPress right now. And according to stats (source: Google), 1.48 Billion WordPress were downloaded in 2018.

7. No Owner, still richest:

There is no owner of WordPress. It trademark comes under WordPress NGO called the WordPress Foundation which was also made by one of the creators of WordPress. Hence there’s no company, there’s no CEO and also it’s the richest economy. Thousands of companies and professionals are selling WordPress based products. Also, a lot of them are doing their businesses through WordPress based websites, blogs etc.

8. Languages:

WordPress is available in more than 70 languages. And also according to stats (Source: Google), it has been downloaded more in other languages as compared to English.

9. Jazz:

It’s my favorite and most interesting fact. All the WordPress versions are named for Jazz artists.

There’s a huge list for fun facts but as my fingers and brain need some rest I’ll catch up soon with some other interesting blog. Till then Happy Goooooogling !!!!

Anum J.

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