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Top Trends in Technology that rule in 2018

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is by far the best thing for high tech companies like Google, Microsoft etc. and also for the start-ups. And for others, it’s either too expensive or too difficult to implement fully.

Right now, Amazon is leading in Could AI with its AWS Subsidiary. Google is competing with its TransFlow that is used in building other machine learning software. Now they have introduced Cloud Auto ML, which will make AI simpler and easier to use.

Microsoft has Azure but now teaming up with Amazon for a new launch of Gluon which is an open-source deep learning library.

Synapse is also building a network that provides the data and train machine and automated language.

Voice Assistants

It is one of the fastest spreading technologies around the world. According to research, the majority of the American homes will have voice assistance in the next four years. Amazon’s Echo and Apple’s Homepage are its examples.

There is an increase in gains for Echo according to Amazon. They release regular updates for the Echo so that maximum benefits can be derived by the users.

Some tech observers expect that in future, voice tech will be used to communicate more than the text.

3D Metal Printing

3D printing is being used for years; however, printing on metal and plastic was much more expensive and slower. Now it is becoming way cheaper and easy to be used for manufacturing of particular parts.

On the wider scale, it could change the way of mass manufacturing of many products. There won’t be any need to maintain large inventories, just simply print the object at the time of need. Even the complex parts will be easier to create.

Last year Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory announced about 3D printing method which will create the stainless steel which will be much stronger than the traditional ones.

General Electrics is also using 3D printing for aviation products and now soon be testing a new version of the metal printer which will be faster in creating large parts.

Regenerative Medicine

The new era in the tech world is making magic I every field. It may sound a dream come true but it is for sure a reality. In the medical field, the doctors are producing made-to-order body parts. The procedure starts with taking out cells from the body and grow them in a petri dish until the body part grows well and strong. Then it is implanted inside the body of the patient.

One company even have developed a 3D printer for creating body parts. This will be a lifesaving technology for patients of organ transplant.

Well, I am already hooked to read more about the latest trends in technology. While I search and read more, stay tuned and follow our blog.

Until then happy reading…

Anum J.

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