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AI: The Future of Technology

The artificial intelligence is broadly of three main types. First, short-termed or limited memory A.I that has capacity to perform tasks that is to pick certain things and pack them. They machines work on computer -based programs to collect and move products from one place to other without man power. Second, Medium memory A.I have capacity to use artificial intelligence to process the data or information to make decisions to get the end results without hassle of doing it manually.  Medium A.I involves tracking of information and making sense of the data to make decisions and convert data into useful information in form graphs and pie charts to condense the information.

Third, advance memory A.I they have power to process data but also take decisions like humans using their thinking ability. In case of Advance memory A.I they use machine processing in form computer language to comprehend the information and take actions.  For example, automobiles run by computer programs to drive without help of human mind. They have road sense and detect the path for vehicles without making error.

Tesla is one of company that have been producing electric  cars  that can drive on its own without taking assistance of human to drive the car. Advance memories A.I are used in drones that process information and have sensors that help them to detect the targets. Their information is based on computer-based information to perform specific task of either gathering data or sending signals in case of any threat from particular place or region. The questions have been raised over the accuracy of these advance memory A.I that can think and take decisions.

Different sectors have been revolutionized through A.I technology that includes Medicine, transport, manufacturing and media. In the field of medicine certain procedures are being done through computer powered machines to operate or diagnose certain illness or remove certain parts to treat patients. For instance, radiologists use machines based on computer program to detect any illness in patients by reading the X-ray to diagnose any abnormality in reports.  Similarly, transport sector have been using A.I to create self driving vehicles to make transportation safer and free from the error or accidents that is one of the major cause of deaths in different parts of the world. The manufacturing sector also used Al powered programs and robots to perform task of assembling and packing of products such as Amazon used Al programs to deliver products to the customers without man power.

There is question that is being debated would Al will replace humans and decrease their chances of employment in future? There are different opinions on that broadly we can address two major view points. First is A.I completely replacing humans with Al run machinery is not likely to happen because the language used for A.I is created and controlled with the assistance of human. The human role can become limited but not outdated. Many fears that A.I will eventually lead to unemployment of people that was refuted by experts that learning computer programming language will help humans to remain relevant.

The one of the limitation of A.I are that they have predicated and automated responses to perform certain task and it cannot be a replacement of human sentiment and empathy. Empathy is shown by humans to show concern for other people that is not possible through A.I so far. The Al powered computer devices can prove to be beneficial for mankind by reducing cost of hiring more people and increased productivity.   The question remains there can A.I be replaced by humans to perform certain tasks for improving accuracy of any specific task at hand. Al helps in performing certain tasks such as helping or guiding people at airports instead of hiring large number of work force. A.I technology has used in developed countries like Japan to make it easier for people who are traveling.

The stress has been laid on learning coding and programming as A.I are controlled by coding and computer programming that has become relevant in modern world specifically after the technology revolution. Coding has widely taught at universities and other mediums to educate and train people to become proficient with A.I that is future of technology where computer powered robots and machines would take over to perform certain tasks for making live of people easier in modern technological era.

Another concern is regarding the privacy and human rights how it can ensured with mass scale use of A.I in different spheres of life.  The violation of privacy of people is a source of concern for different human rights watch agencies. The leakage of personal data or official correspondence or tapping of calls or emails was debated by experts that it could become a problem for people. The experts have addressed this issue and suggest ways to cope with privacy which is the one of the essential human right of people that can be challenged with emergence of A.I powered machines.

The A.I experts are of the view that Al can help to provide privacy and ensure human rights by introducing such programs that can protect the privacy of people and prevent violation of their human rights. The A.I are used for facial recognition that can help in reducing violation of human rights in form of discrimination or exploitation of rights to deny people of their right to defend them in case of any crime or theft with the help of A.I powered machines that can detect criminals. The installation of A.I powered devices can help people in fair trail that can be used as evidence to convict criminals.

Al is useful to maintain the quality assurance of products in manufacturing sector. The defects in products for export of products can affect the trade ties of countries. The quality assurance of products can be ensured through machines and computer controlled machinery in factories to produce quality products for export purpose. The export goods are checked before exporting to other countries and ensure that it is up to standard set by the countries for exchange of goods at international level.  The defect in goods can hamper the trade between countries which is avoided through use of A.I in manufacturing industry.

A.I technology is efficient to detect the fraud in case of transaction of funds and online payments. The ecommerce has become reality in contemporary era and use of computer powered machinery has transformed the traditional means of technology. Al  are proved to beneficial in case of fraud by tracking the transactions and keep a record of data to prevent fraud in online payments and transactions pertaining to the financial assets. Any abnormal activity can be detected by using A.I powered machinery to prevent any illicit exchange of funds within states and between states or businesses.

Cyber security is another area that is becoming relevant with increase in use of online means and websites are used to dissemble information or announcements by businesses, government and other international and regional organizations. The hacking of these sites can pose serious threat of getting into hands of actors or entities that can misuse to harm states PR organizations. The hacking of government websites posed threat to states as it can lead to leakage of confidential documents or information to non- state actors that can use that information or harm states national interests by disclosing it to terrorists or disgruntled groups.  Al can protect the information by coding the data to prevent the hacking of confidential data of governments.

Space exploration missions use A.I powered vehicles and robots to gather information on space and celestial bodies along with the planets. For instance, Mars mission and other space exploration programs to search for evidences of life used robotic machinery backed by computer programming to assess the environment of space. It is possible through the development in A.I powered machinery to discover the space and its implications for people living on Earth. Scientists have developed and advanced their knowledge to use artificial intelligence machines and tools to make space exploration easier for future generations.

Artificial intelligence has potential to develop into a technology that will replace the information and technology in coming years.  The artificial intelligence used robots to develop the ability in them to think and act like humans. The depiction of artificial intelligence in science fiction movies and books is becoming a reality in many aspects of our lives. Artificial intelligence has revolutionized the field of robotics that uses the A.I technology to perform functions like humans to reduce the number of people in work force to make their lives easier to prevent their time wasted in mundane activities.

The bullet trains in developed world have increased in different parts of the world that are controlled by artificial intelligence tools to increase its efficiency. Trains are programmed to follow the particular route and work automatically without assistance of man power. These trains are working at airports and cities to decrease the traffic flow and increase connectivity in short time. The bigger international airports use bullet trains to go from one terminal to another terminal without waiting for trains for go from one place to another place. The artificial intelligence has increased the precision of the trains and decrease chances of potential error in their operation.

Al have played vital role in making progress in computing knowledge by innovative ways to upgrade their capability. The field of computing has been benefited with Al as it has changed the approach of people towards the computing that is limited to connectivity and use of search engines. It has expanded its branches in form al powered computer operation that can basically control all the major fields of study and sphere of human life. Al has changed the computing through addition of artificial intelligence tools to increase its potential in coming few years.

A.I enabled computer chips have been installed in different machines to increase their ability to process data and perform tasks without assistance of people to operate these machinery. The computer language and programs to train machines to do tasks that take up time to do it manually or with man power. These Al enabled chips drastically changing the landscape of technology to bring about major shift in technology towards more advancement in the all sectors particularly medicine, engineering and computing. The Al powered tools has evolved the medicine using Al technology.

Bionics is another vital sector that can used A.I technology to transform the robotics to increase the efficiency of people who have disability or have imputed due to accident can take help of bionics technology to do their routine activities. Bionics powered by A.I technology can bring change for people who have disabilities A.I technology can assist them to live a more functional life and increase their capacity to work in different fields that was previously not possible due to limitation of the technology.  The A.I technology has increased the potential for people who may have disability to avail the full benefit of advancement in the technology.  The bionics with assistance of Al technology has transformed the tools and locomotives for people with disability to travel.

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