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Web Development: The game is changing


I am here again with some fantastic knowledge. But before I switch to my topic, I want to share my working experience. I have witnessed one thing that’s constant in every industry and that’s CHANGE. Nothing remains forever. Organizational norms, office cultures, business tactics etc. hence everything keeps on changing. Wow… whatever you have experienced 1 year back, won’t be the same the next year.

Even certain things like technology don’t even wait for a year. It’s changing every minute every second.

So yeah in this blog I’ll be sharing how Web Development is changing at an infinite speed. Now grab your cup of coffee and follow the blog.


There’s a new trend for 2018 in web designing. Now viewers want one-page setup rather than multi-page affairs. Now people are using more of the internet in their mobile phone rather than desktops or laptops. They need concise pages to easily scroll the data. In this way they get more of the information on a single page. Hence the developers are creating more of one-page setup websites.

Top UIs for 2018

Normally there are only 2 big names that mostly tech nerds know about. One is React.js and the other is Angular.js. They both are owned by very big names. React comes under Facebook and Angular comes under Google. But things have changed in 2018 as I’ve already mentioned. Vue.js is getting more and more popular since 2017. As its documentation was in Chinese also, therefore it’s very popular in China. It’s now being used by GitLab, Alibaba, Expedia, Nintendo etc.

Unlike others, Vue.Js was launched by the only person; Evan You and was created in 2014. But now it’s getting all the attention as its framework is lightweight and fast. Recently Vue.Js is among the top 10 forked GitHub projects with 77 thousand stars.

Mobile App Development

Almost 90% of the internet users use mobile phones. People are more interested in using the websites on either mobile phones or they want apps. It’s really high time for all the web developers to check either their websites are working equally well on the mobile phones or not.

The key challenge the developers are going through in 2018 is how to use the content on the smaller page of mobile phones. One thing they must take care of is to check the easy navigation of content which can be used through one hand/finger.

Material Design

Codename: Quantum Paper: It was also created in 2014 but now getting all the attention. It was designed by google to combine visual material and motion. Matias Duarte, Google’s Vice President for Design told about Material: “unlike real paper, our digital material can expand and reform intelligently. The material has physical surfaces and edges. Seams and shadows provide meaning about what you can touch.” Google states that their new design language is based on paper and ink but implementation will take place in an advanced manner.”

Push Notifications

Push notifications are becoming more popular this year. There is a lot of sites which include them in their web designs. They are an amazing tool to help support the traffic without doing any further work, especially for the mobile phone devices. They provide a way for sites to inform you when new content is available, without needing you to check your email or browse to the site in question.

There are many services available such as PushCrew where you can sign up to get the maximum benefit. Though WordPress has a lot of plugins but there are many other much simpler alternatives.

JAVA Script

Lately, JavaScript was in limited use. Mostly developers considered WordPress over it. Mullenweg suggested everyone to start learning JavaScript in 2015. This time, Java has dominated WordPress Landscape.

It’s a language that has more significance as the WordPress REST API develops, and it’s something you can see in action in WordPress’s Calypso application.

At Kingdom Vision we are proficient in providing CMS Website Development Services and Website Design and Development Services which are the real Game Changer in today’s Web development World. Hope you are entertained by our blog It’s just a small piece of information that I found extremely interesting. Rest I’ll share in my next one.

Till then keep your eyes on the website…

Anum J.

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