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4 Step Enterprise SEO Framework From Crawling To Conversions

Alert for the business website owners, your website need some changes to get ranked on Google.

You must be quite annoyed with SEO because it’s not paying you off with the kind of results your large enterprise was expecting to reap.

According to the research, Google crawls only half of the pages of large enterprise websites.

Big business owners be aware, Google is crawling half of the pages on your website, meaning the rest of the pages aren’t going to the index. This is why big organizations like yours, aren’t able to get expected traffic and revenue for your business.

It’s very common thing to see in many SEO professionals UK, they complains about how exhausted they are even after conforming to the standards of SEO and making the compliant pages.

Sure this is frustrating.

Many SEO professionals seem to miss out the fact that Google only crawls half of the pages on the website and those pages are not included into the index. Therefore, making it hard for the websites to get organic traffic and resulting in less revenue.

However, various enterprises fail to consider the fact that it all begins with the way Google crawls a web but they rather invest large amount of time and energy getting more rankings and traffic. Which is –Totally wrong!

Massive businesses should pay attention to SEO in a more holistic way than to focus on only one aspect of SEO and for that you need to focus on every step from crawling to conversions if you want to see pleasant consequences.

According to a study carried out by Botify to probe into the fashion Google crawls a website. They learned that 51% of the compliant pages that Google was missing out – Yes, you heard that right. Google bot pulled 6bn requests while analyzed only 413m crawled pages from log files.


You’re staggered by the results aren’t you?

Let’s us make a sense of it. Since the websites are getting bigger and bigger each passing day, the task is becoming more difficult for Google.Botify found out that Google analyzes enormous websites and the smaller ones quite differently.

So why this discrimination?

Because it’s convenient for Google to examine the content on small websites than on the large ones with so many URLs.

But don’t worry we’ve got something to prevent this from happening.

As a top online advertising agency, all you need to do is to concentrate on the search process in its entirety. Getting insight into how search engines crawl it and how the real audience interacts with it is. The real deal is to get more visitors.

There are some essential practices that an SEO service company should employ.

So, for any website, it’s vital to follow the steps from crawling to conversions. You need to focus on few ‘hows’ to before getting started:

  • How Google Crawls?
  • How indexing is done?
  • How searchers find it?
  • How searchers interact with it?

By putting these ‘hows’ into consideration you can start benefiting from these steps.

4 Step Enterprise For SEO Framework:

1. Know which pages exist

Knowing about the existing pages on your site is fundamental as it can expose some jaw-dropping facts. As for E-commerce sites which have multiple inner pages dedicated to different items and that have sorting and filtering options available, have higher chances to go unnoticed.

But assume the role of Google crawler and crawl it yourself to steer clear of this adverse situation.

2. Be your own Google

Remember we advised you to assume the role of Google?

The goal is to know how Google does it. As a matter of fact, Google can’t invest unlimited time on exploring your web but you can.

Spend enough time on analyzing your log files in a similar manner Google does it.

3. Pay attention to index Pages’ performance

Perhaps, Google is missing the vital pages and visiting the ones that are less significant. To avoid that you need to:

  • Fine-tune your robot.txt file
  • Upgrade your site map
  • Get rid of bad URLs
  • Improve internal linking

The next thing you want to do is to understand how your index pages are doing in SERPs. And for that you’d have to know:

  • How many impressions are coming through them?
  • The keywords are that appearing?
  • What is their rank?

4. Now – How your audience is engaged?

Evaluating how finders are interacting with your pages is a key thing. Try figuring out, how many people are visiting them, what is the bounce rate, and what is the conversion rate.


Why follow this framework?

Employing these techniques can be of great assistance to you to take your game to the next level. This framework ensures that you get Google to crawl your pages which will help you get more pages in the index. And getting more pages in the index opens doors for organic traffic and income.

Well, these technical repairs are must-haves for large the websites without which your web is unlikely to nurture.

Some points to remember

  • Massive websites face the crawling problem differently as compared to the small ones. Approximately, half of their significant pages are ignored by Google and that’s too much to lose. Thus, this is by far the best structure.
  • Secondly, the fact that SEO wizards handle large sites, therefore they can’t begin their charm by depending on rankings, on-page optimization and keywords or else they’ll fizzle out and miss the boat.

Let’s have a recap of everything you just read here.

1 Get hold of the data

You can’t gauge and progress unless you possess the data to have a clear picture of your website. Get the list of everything on your site. Access the log files to decipher the pages that Google is visiting and missing. Use Google Search Console to know how your index pages are working. Get analytics data to ascertain what people want and how they are interacting with your site once they get there.

2 Auditing of the data

Most of the times you only know the rankings of your website but getting insight into how it got there is of major importance.

It’s fundamental to find out the root cause of everything that’s contributing to the rankings of your web.

3 Team work

The last and the foremost thing is the team work of every individual that counts. You’ve to work as a team and provide best SEO services UK to get the top of the game. Find yourself a place where you departments can negotiate and come up with some incredible ideas to get the ball rolling.



So, all the wrap up story of this article describes, if you’ve enterprise website then you need to know about these steps. If you want that your website get ranked on Google for doing some changes in your wordpress websites then you need to hire best digital media marketing company for your project. In this case, there’s max chance that your project will succeed and you get ranked on Google with other online advertising agencies.

You need to understand the Google’s algorithms first. Simply relying guesswork and intuition cannot get you any far with SEO. Employing these techniques and suggestions can really turn the tables for you best SEO practices.

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