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Top 9 Free Email Marketing Tools to Help Businesses



With time, marketing channels and trends change. Some of which stands for some time and some stands intermittently. One of the most enduring channel of marketing is email, which resumes being on top of market Business as it is proved tremendous relation building channel. They allow marketers to fabricate, send out, enhance email campaigns, and keep eye on them when they gain speed.


Email marketing tools are very beneficial for business marketers, some of its benefits include following:

  • Unexcelled return on investment
  • Built reputation
  • Foster sale
  • Expeditious impact
  • Facile to share and measure
  • Engender leads
  • Attract audience
  • Drive revenue
  • Nourish relationships


Most of the companies are not ready to invest money on marketing tools for simplification of process. However, most of the email marketing tools are not certainly expensive. Some of free email marketing tools are as follows:

  1. HubSpot email marketing
  2. Sender
  3. Sendinblue
  4. Omnisend
  5. SendPulse
  6. Benchmark Email
  7. Mailchimp
  8. MalierLite
  9. Mailjet
  10. Moosend
  11. Email Octopus
  12. Flodesk
  13. Constant Contact
  14. BenchmarkONE
  15. ConvertKit
  16. AWeber
  17. Substack
  18. GetResponse



On average about 3.7 billion people use email throughout the world. Therefore, using email marketing for business marketing is fruitful for promoting business. Top nine of which are:

1. HubSpot:

HubSpot developed in 2006; is one on the top of free email marketing tools for sales, incoming marketing, and customer services. Free features of it helps for startup and small businesses to increase their open and click-through rates for email marketing campaigns.

It is famous for automated personalized emails by adopting best email marketing techniques and provide platform without need of any developer or designer. It offers freemium model, with 2000 free emails per month and unlimited access to database.

2. Mailchimp:

Three founders launched Mailchimp and it leverage the market within few years of its discovery. It includes all the interesting features of marketing to provide services for wider range channels such as Instagram advertisement, Facebook advertisement, postcards, social posting, and pop-up forms.

It is famous for Preset email formats i.e. welcome email, order notification, abandoned cart etc. It offers 12000 free emails every month and store about 2000 contacts per month.

3. Mailjet:

Mailjet developed in 2010, is a French marketing software. In addition, of sending and monitoring emails it can send marketing and transactional emails without requirement of any code. It is remedy of fast moving teams to send, create and edit emails as a team.

It is famous for A/B Testing with drag and drop feature that make it easy to use by any marketer. It provides collaboration tools and help to verify emails to separate sustainable and unsustainable emails before preparing any campaign. It offers 6000 emails per month with email editor and advanced reporting software.

4. SendPulse:

SendPulse is multi-channel software to send different types of messages separately or combine them in auto-responders. It facilitates with automation by Using AI to conduct business marketing campaigns. It resends unopened emails with different subjects to increase click-through and open rates.

It is famous for Segmentation of the contact list according to customer journey with outstanding features of A/B testing, Push Web notifications, Click heat maps for reporting, and 100 ready-made email templates. It offers 15000 emails to approximately 2500 subscribers.

5. Moosend:

Moosend is one of the easiest marketing tool for automation and design of behavioral emails for campaigns in less time based on the activities and interest of subscribers. It provides segmentation of list for targeting audience and designs custom sing-up forms for building email list.

It is famous for powerful tracking analytics with detailed set of analytics. Offers about 1,000 subscribers with unlimited emails, customization, email tracking, and analytics. Its editor is user friendly with drag and drop options with several free templates.

6. Sendinblue:

Sendinblue is one of the best free personalizing email marketing tools as it offers features that includes: CRM, SMS, auto-responders, transactional emails and retargeting advertisements for effective email marketing. Stylish emails are prepared using free templates from gallery, and drag and drop content like text, images, or videos.

It is famous for Setting up transactional emails and use plugins on different websites like WordPress, Shopify, and Woo commerce. It offers 9000 free emails per month and about 300 subscribers on daily basis.

7. Sender:

Sender is free marketing tool especially for e-commerce to increase in revenue by targeting great amount of audience with cart abandonment. It provides designing of stunning newsletters without coding, using template from gallery and drag the components required for deigning i.e. texts, images or videos.

It is famous for Setting up responsive emails without any broken chain with robust analytics feature, it helps to track who opened email and clicked on link to help building profiles of loyal customers. It offers about 15000 emails per month and 2500 subscribers.

8. Omnisend:

Omisend is another victor in free tools for email marketing for e-commerce. It is convenient to use, easy to set and remarkable for customer support with its automation feature using Artificial Intelligence. It can amalgamate multiple platforms and provides amazing features i.e. Advance reporting, A/B testing, Audience segmentation, and emails with dynamic content blocks.

It is famous for Combining push notifications and SMS with email marketing which enhance and make business more productive and effective. It offers several mind blowing email templates and 15000 free emails in a month.

9. Benchmark Email:

Benchmark email is another exemplary free email-marketing tool, provides automated replies of emails using AI, and previews email on both mobiles and desktops. It uses Pre-designed templates to design attractive responsive emails, use drag and drop option for content management.

It is famous as drag and drop builder to design and create responsive emails for marketing purposes. It saves time and money and in addition gather large amount of audience. It offers about 14000 free emails per month with almost 2000 subscribers.

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