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Best Grammar Checkers to Improve Your Writing Quality



Content ready to publish must be error-free with correct sentence structures, use of verbs, and choice of words. For doing so, grammar checker is the best software to improve the writing quality and make content ready for publishing. Blogging content with grammar mistakes can kill the trust of the readers and they do not visit the website again. Accurate content enhances the quality of the text, which becomes search engine friendly with top rankings.

One stupid Grammar error can undetermined the whole work, it is very important to use grammar checkers to avoid grammatical mistakes and make text error-free.  There are many grammar checkers available for content writers and bloggers to generate error-free and high-quality emails, social media posts, reports, presentations, articles, blog posts, and book chapters.



Slight grammar mistakes can destroy the whole work and reputation of writers, readers may consider them unprofessional and may decide to leave them. One cannot point out all the grammar mistakes by reading on its own, so grammar checkers are very beneficial to correct all grammatical mistakes in the content. Grammar checkers help to avoid the following mistakes:

A good grammar checker involves typos, which will auto-correct the spelling of the desired word accordingly.

Sentence in active voice is better than in passive voice to elaborate an idea, grammar checker makes sure to use active voice and tells the need of passive voice when it is necessary.

Punctuation gives actions and meaning to the content. It is very important to write the content with correct punctuation. A good grammar checker auto-punctuates the content to avoid mistakes.

Overuse of similar words can create a bad impact on readers, grammar checks let us know about misuse of words.



There are many grammar checkers available over the internet; some of the best grammar checkers are as follows:



Grammarly is one of the top grammar checkers that provides real-time grammar and spelling checks to generate high-quality content with minimum mistakes. Users can set writing style, audience, emotions, and domains to create effective content accordingly.


Features of Grammarly are as follows:

  • High-quality user interface.
  • Robust algorithm to spot errors.
  • Provide suggestions for words and sentences.
  • Work as a plagiarism detector.
  • Extensions for browsers are available.
  • Artificial Intelligence-based text checker.
  • It has a personal dictionary.
  • Only one user can work from one account.
  • It is available for smartphone interfaces.


  • The benefits of using Grammarly are:
  • It is easy to use.
  • It is powerful for checking online grammar and spelling.
  • It provides great writing insights.
  • It works as a helpful working assistant.
  • Its free version is available for newcomers.
  • It can operate among different platforms.


  • Some of the cons of Grammarly are:
  • It has an expensive premium plan.
  • It does not offer offline working mode.
  • Its free version has limited work options.



Pro Writing Aid checks the grammar and edits the style of a document for content writers and generators. It can fix grammar issues and suggest appropriate word choices to enhance writing skills and generate error-free context. It provides detailed reports for improving writing skills.


  • Pro Writing Aid helps to edit a document.
  • Mac and windows support it.
  • It checks consistency in spelling, grammar, and style.
  • It provides about 25 in-depth writing reports.
  • Extensions for browsers are available.
  • It suggests words to increase the clarity and power of words.
  • It detects plagiarism in content.
  • It can join with Google Docs, Gmail, Chrome, etc.
  • It helps to manage the governorship in the words of the document.


The following are the pros of using Pro Writing Aid:

  • It generates accurate reports.
  • It is not expensive and easy for beginners.
  • It fixes spelling, punctuation, and hyphenation in writing.
  • Its free trial is available for newcomers.
  • It detects plagiarism along with a grammar check.


The following are the cons of choosing Pro Writing Aid:

  • It is difficult for a beginner as he may have many other choices.
  • It is not suitable for academics.
  • It has no mobile app.
  • It offers limited features on the trial version.



Ginger is a grammar and spell check software to generate high-quality content with minimum errors. It offers an online proofreading tool and replaces the words with the most appropriate choices according to the meaning of a sentence. It has many different languages support, which makes it suitable for learners.


Its key features include:

  • Checks deeply for spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • It proofreads the content.
  • It can improve the style of writing by rephrasing.
  • Browser extensions are available for it.
  • It provides translations in about 60 languages.
  • It offers personalized practice sessions.


Pros of using Ginger are:

  • It provides a powerful free version for grammar and spell check.
  • It offers excellent translation features for non-English users.
  • It has the nice addition of a personal dictionary.
  • It offers discounts on one and two-year plans.


The following are the cons of ginger:

  • It provides limited auto-correct of words in the free version.
  • It is expensive concerning monthly costs.
  • It has no support for Google Docs.
  • It may give some accuracy issues.



Linguix is one of the best grammar checkers to check the grammar, style, words, spelling, and punctuation of content. It comes with a large database of vocabulary to suggest appropriate words and synonyms to enhance the quality of writing. It helps in fixing about 9 million error mistakes in content.


Some of the key features of Linguix are:

  • It checks the spelling, grammar, and style of a document.
  • It offers to paraphrase the content.
  • It provides templates for faster writing of content.
  • Browser extensions are available.
  • It has a business and team management dashboard.


Some of the benefits of using Linguix are:

  • Newcomers can use free-version of Linguix.
  • It offers great discounts for advance payments.
  • It has third-party integrations.


The following are the cons of Linguix:

  • It does not offer markup in the document editor.
  • It offers limited features in the free version.

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