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UI / UX Dilemma

The terms User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are used interchangeably by a large number of people thinking that they are somewhat similar, but do they really mean the same?

Well, the answer to this is a big NO. Although they might seem similar but they do have a notable difference between them. They are related to each other but have their own unique definitions.

Let’s delve into a deeper understanding of what UI and UX are.

UI is the appearance, look and feel of a product. It is the graphical representation of your product that defines how different features will reside on the screen and their relative positioning.


UX is used to characterize a product in terms of usability, functionality, and how easy it is to find individual features of a product.

UX and UI go side-by-side. One can’t separate them from each other. Existence of both is crucial for an effective and efficient front-end of an application. A project might have a fascinating UI but could be difficult to use, that is, it has a complex UX. Whereas at sometimes, the project would seem ordinary and less-attractive but could provide a high value with respect to UX.

This also differs from project to project. A bad UI implementation could lead to a relatively bad UX, while a good UI practice can provide fruitful results in terms of UX.

Mentioned forth are some of the prominent differences that would support the statements stated previously.



An efficient approach is to keep UX in mind while designing UI. A system should not be designed by only catering to the requirements of the interface but also by considering the aspects of user experience simultaneously. A well-balanced UI/UX implementation could work wonders in making a system appealing and convenient to use likewise.

Author: Arshia R.

Infographics By: Sidra A.

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