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Important pillars of a successful business website.

A successful website depends on certain pillars which lead the business in to a better direction. From the designing till the integration process, a website goes through certain steps that works as the pillar for it. In this article, I will be sharing the most important pillars of a strong business website.

1. Design

The whole website depends upon the design. If the design of the business website is not strong enough then there will be chances that a business wont flourish through the internet. In the modern times, it is important to make such a design for the website that is simple elegant and has the ability to engage the clients.

Thus, if there’s a need to take help from any of the Web Designing Services providers, then one must take it for the better representation of the business/product through a strong web design.

A good informative and engaging website with maintained SEO is the key success factor.

2. SEO

SEO also comes under designing but it relates to the designing of the context. How easy and optimised words we use in the context of a website. At this point, the marketing and technical departments work together. SEO regulations are built with the help of the technical team. Whereas search engine friendly structure is designed by the marketers.

The best way to optimise your website is to use friendly URLs and URL structures, descriptions should be more relevant and descriptive, images should compliment the content and also the site should also be optimised for mobile and tab search.

3. Content

Content is the basic building block of a CMS Website Development. It is a connection between design and the purpose of building the website. This pillar is the most important part for both technical side and marketing side of the business as well as it connects all the other pillars of a successful business website.

The more the content is focused the more it will be better for the business. It is important to keep in mind that the content should be clear and concise, understandable, up to date (as per time, location, date and target audience) and also should be correct (as per sales, assets, profits and losses).

4. Usability

Previously it was only had limited focus on UI, QA Testing, accessibility and technical testing. Now at the modern times, both marketing and design uses the skills of SEO, content and design along with usability.

For usability it is necessary to confirm about certain things which include: clear and concise text that can grab readers’ attention, speed of the site and response time should be considered as delays can not be afforded and also the focus on the readability of the website as per the colour, text, images and themes.

5. Integration

Integration is the most important part with respect to the building of a successful website. Integration revolves around Web Designing that includes specific content as per business, SEO, website themes, CMS, plugins etc.

It helps a business website to become more functional and inculcate more features that enables a user to perform multiple operations dynamically. It is far more than just adding buttons to your websites. Think links should also be integrated with the social media pages for more traffic.


This is by far the best hub to gain knowledge regarding the success of of a good business website. There is so much more hidden in the SEO usability and integration where any business can flourish by just having a website. One must always remember that the themes and designs are only for the people who see the website, rest of the success depends upon the search engines. Hence the balance is required between a good responsive design, user friendliness of a website as well as SEO elements.

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