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Writing Tools To Help Students Beat Learning Loss

The global pandemic has huge impact on students as they were unable to attend schools and universities to continue their studies regularly. That has casted students and led to learning loss for students across the globe as they have to practice social distancing and learn distantly from home. It was new experience for students to learn from other means to make up for the learning loss in pandemic. Educators have to face similar issues to resume their teaching activities due to the restriction in pandemic and shift towards online learning means to teach students.

The writing tools can help students to make up for learning loss to pandemic restrictions. It includes Ever note, Hemingway, grammarly, computer glasses and Google scholar. These writing tools are useful for students and educators to assist them in process learning and teaching that can be more accessible and easy for them. The usability of writing tools is easy to use doesn’t require additional add-ons to use them for writing assignments and editing them. The writing tools help students to make their write-ups more interesting and less straining for them to learn effectively despite pandemic restrictions.


Ever Note:

Ever note help in making notes and keeping them without the worry about the loss of notes in your computer or laptops. Ever note is useful writing tool to organize your notes by adding more pages and reorganize your notes with few clicks. The writing notes are one of the key components of learning to understand the different concepts.  You can view entire collection of notes in form ever note notebook that can named and renamed as per the user. It help in writing and revising concepts studied earlier in online class or doing assignment  after going through the notes made on ever note.



It is useful writing tool it helps in editing the writing tasks to get rid of the errors and other writing elements in the written content. Writing is part and parcel of learning process to make it error free grammarly is used to eliminate the any potential issues in write-ups.  The advance features in grammarly help in reducing the advance level issues of writing to aid in writing process and proof reading the written content. That requires careful observation and attention of students to make their writing impactful and error free.


Google Scholar:


It is one of useful and most suggested writing tool used by students and educators to access well cited and authentic sources to back your writing by providing useful academic references. That is essential in writing academic paper and write-ups to back your arguments. You can academic sources that are useful to make your writing more valuable and ensure originality of the writing pieces.


Computer Glasses:

The computer glasses help in blocking blue light that is normal since the rampant use of computers and laptops for learning. One cannot avoid the use of digital devices that are essential in writing. The computer glasses are specially designed to prevent the harmful effects of the blue light of digital devices. The writing tasks become easier with the use of computer glasses that protect the strain on the eyes.

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