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Microsoft have launched various products particularly software products that has revolutionized the use of technology

Top 5 Most Rated Microsoft Products

The Microsoft products are widely used by people for different purpose. They launched new products to cater to all kinds of people and businesses that have transformed the lives of the people.


  1. Microsoft Exchange Server

The Microsoft exchange server was launched in April 1993. This server has transformed the businesses in humongous ways that help in managing emails, calendars and many more components to systemize the operations of their businesses across the globe. Exchange helps in managing the contracts by syncing it with the mobile devices and browser based information. It is one of the secure ways to manage the user emails in case of larger operations and those who receive large number of emails in their daily routine.


  1. Windows 11

Windows 11 the task bars are not located in the corner rather task bar is located in center for connivance of the users. It is operating system that is used in its use on PC. Windows 11 has snap edit that makes it easier to arrange apps on your desktops. Windows 11 can remember the layout that makes it simple for the users.


  1. Microsoft Office

It is the most used products of Microsoft in context of the productivity applications in computers. The office applications have changed the management of content production. Microsoft office was released in Doc format that was later changed in 2007 to Office Open XML. It is useful tool for writing personal letters, communicating with associates and creating content. Office is very effective in editing tables, insert pictures and comments to customize documents as per your own requirement.


  1. Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

The arch mouse is one of the latest accessories by Microsoft. It can be curved for use and portable in traveling to take it from one place to another. One of the key feature is that arc have Bluetooth, precision scrolling and long battery life. Arc have acclaimed for its unique design and style that helps to earn awards for its design. The design of arc touch mouse is user friendly and changed the traditional mouse that has its limitations or needs additional cable for its usage.


  1. Microsoft Office Excel

The Microsoft Office excel is used for organizing the computer data and calculations using the formula of excel. It helps in reducing the hassle of calculating quantitative data manually. Excel is useful in creating data sheets by inserting the input to generate data for basic accounting. Excel also provides an option to edit data even if its complex to create comprehensive reports easily. The indefinite number of sheets in excels helps in organizing the large amount of data in files that can be stored in computers.


Microsoft has played an effective role in making our lives easier especially businesses to manage and organize their data using different applications introduced by the Microsoft Company. It is one the leading companies in releasing different software products to accommodate the needs of its users. The portability of Microsoft products helps its users for instance; smooth running businesses and personal usage.

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